Smart Device Repair

The Service

We fix your broken mobile devices! Legendary technologies offers a wide range of services, including repairing your smart device. If you can’t be without your device then bring it to us, we repair the device and return it to you working like new.

Premium Features

We offer a wide range of services to repair your smart devices and return them working like new: screen replacement, battery installation and component repairs.

We will go through and test the device thoroughly to ensure that we are fixing the right components and doing the least amount so that way we are not doing work that you don’t need to have done. In the long run fixing your device will save you money by keeping it so you don’t have to purchase a new device. Contact us today and one of our techs will help get you started!


The Features


We provide repair services for your mobile devices.


We replace shattered and cracked touch screens.


We repair damages and malfunctioning buttons.


We diagnose and fix issues with speakers connectors.

and more...

We repair cracked and damaged screens on your smart device at an affordable price.

We problem solve issues with smart devices with the components.  Along with that we can also replace damaged and non working buttons.

We are able to change old worn out batteries on devices for much better performing batteries.