Security Cameras

The Service

What is network video surveillance? Network video surveillance works on the same principles as CCTV(closed circuit television) providing real time monitoring and video recording capabilities in and around your business.

Premium Features

We offer security camera systems using top of the line cameras and recorders to capture and store data for any time you desire.

The Legendary Technologies system uses top of the line digital cameras and custom designed Network Video Recorders to capture real time video and store it for virtually any time frame you desire. The stored data is easily transferred to disc for archiving or review. With our paired cameras and NVRs, we provide a true digital high quality video capture system.

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The Features


Our systems provide business owners peace of mind.

CCTV Systems

We sell and install solutions to monitor your business


We offer cameras with features to fit any need.

NVR Systems

We offer network video recorders to store data.

and more...

We provide the very best in location coverage for your home or business, this allows you to capture every inch of your place to ensure your security.

We are partnered with the best in camera security.  The megapixel count on our cameras are the very best out there in the market today.