Network Cable

The Service

Legendary Technologies is putting your wiring first. Other technology firms want to deal with your software. Here at LT we want to take care of your hardware. When your system is working slow or not working the way it should, many times problems exist in your structured wiring. Structured wiring is the backbone of your internal network.

Premium Features

We provide structured wiring installation and maintenance to eliminate unforeseen issues that in networks such as latency and connectivity.

If your wiring is run incorrectly, not terminated properly, or just in total disarray, it’s like having a ghost in your machine. These conditions can cause your system to run slow, your VOIP to have unexplained problems, and possibly a complete freeze up during large data transfers, (such as video files, audio files, or power point presentations). This is an indication of problems in your network cabling. Legendary Technologies is here to help.


The Features


We use industry best practices in deploying networks and structured wiring solutions for our clients.


We provide comprehensive structured cable installation services for business class computer networks.


We provide complete maintenance services for all of our network installations and structured wiring jobs.


We are there for you if your wiring is run incorrectly, not terminated properly, or just in total disarray.

and more...

We find problems that could slow your network down and fix these issues.  With the problem areas fixed you will get better usage of data on your network.

If you are just opening a new business and need to have it ready for computers and phones.  We will come in and wire your whole office so that it is set up and on a reliable network.

Contact us today and we will come out and have a walkthrough of your property.  This will help us figure out the best course of action for your business.