Computer Services

The Service

Legendary Technologies is Indiana’s premier custom built computer provider. We offer computer services and design every system from the ground up around your needs. Our systems don’t sit on a shelf waiting for you to come and buy them. Our trained staff is waiting to listen to your needs and help you plan a system that fits. And, we’ll stay inside your budget!

Premium Features

We are partners with Asus, Hitachi, Inwin, Intel, Antec, Thermaltake, Samsung, Kingston, Crucial, and many more.

We not only build custom personal computers, we repair all makes and models! From Acer to Sony, we’ve seen them all. Got a virus? No Problem. Our staff is ready to get rid of that virus and save your data. We know how important your data is! We have the tools and experience to remove any malicious software from your computer.

Do you have a network? We troubleshoot network issues, work with routers, switches, and servers of all makes and models! Call us today! 317-614-7900


The Features


We sell and build custom desktop computers.


We are qualified installers of several server solutions.


We use quality processors from sources like Intel.


We carry, sell and support several switches and routers.


We are a partner of Panasonic and resell Toughbooks.

Network Solutions

We support IT infrastructure with network solutions..


We are a proud distributor of the Microsoft Surface.


We offer repair for hardware and software support.

and more...

We are partnered with the best in the computer parts.  With Asus and Intel we are building fast computers to meet your needs.

We not only build custom personal computers, we repair all makes and models!

For more information on computers and what you are looking for visit our store or contact us today for more information.