Camera Systems

Camera Systems

Learn how to protect yourself and property

Technological advancements have revolutionized how camera systems are set up for residential and commercial properties. CCTV security cameras are the latest and most effective modes of effective security systems. Over the last two decades, video security technology has rapidly improved. There are many different kinds of camera systems. Nonetheless, there are basic security features that you must look out for to make sure that your camera system if functional and effective in maintenance of your security. (more…)

Custom Computer

Custom Computer

Why you should hire a professional for your next build

Whenever you are in a business reliant to the computers, you might consider the advantages of a custom computer system to suit your needs. A custom computer is affordable and enables you to include all the features you need in a computer for effective and efficient operations. Through customization, you can eliminate the features that you do not require and include others that you need thus making your computer easy for you to operate. (more…)

Emedia Solutions

eMedia Solutions

Using internet marketing to compliment your business

Technological advancements have changed the way business conduct their marketing campaigns. One of the main strategies used is content marketing. There is an increase in the number of internet users. Therefore, every business that seeks to maintain relevance and not lose hold of their market share turns to internet marketing strategies. A majority of business conduct business to business digital marketing campaigns while others also conduct business to clients marketing campaigns. (more…)


CCTV At Work

Back in mid July we received a call from a client that we had recently installed a CCTV / Camera system in his office. He had been broken into and he was supposed to be on vacation.  Not a fun day for Ben Briggeman of Beck Service Center.  (more…)


VoIP and Phone Line Theft

By: Corey Cleary

VoIP has a really big downside that most of us don’t even recognize, theft of your phone lines. Yes, I said theft. It may also lead to theft of your entire phone system from a software point of view. Let me explain. What we are really talking about primarily focuses on Voicemail. (more…)

The Truth and Lies about viruses

The Truth and Lies About Viruses

By: Corey Cleary

On behalf of the entire technology industry that stands for honesty through integrity, I would like to apologize for the inadvertent lies about viruses. You see through no intentional fault of the industry, we have misled you. We have told you about computer viruses for the past 30 years, but we have not told you the whole story. (more…)