The Truth and Lies About Viruses

The Truth and Lies about viruses

The Truth and Lies About Viruses

By: Corey Cleary

On behalf of the entire technology industry that stands for honesty through integrity, I would like to apologize for the inadvertent lies about viruses. You see through no intentional fault of the industry, we have misled you. We have told you about computer viruses for the past 30 years, but we have not told you the whole story. First, let me start by saying that there are four categories of malicious software.


The first of these is a virus. Viruses are generally capable of replicating themselves a great number of times. They tend to wreak havoc on computers by copying themselves so many times they fill up the hard drive… at least that is how they started. Over time, they became more sophisticated and would replace system files with a version that would cause strange things to happen to the system when that virus was activated by the file being run.


The second category is referred to as adware. Adware is software that attaches itself to necessary system files that will pop up ads or direct the computer to websites related to the ads it wishes to display. The perverse part if this is that most off the shelf computer systems come with adware installed by the manufacturer in order to make themselves more money.


The third major category is spyware. Spyware is software that watches what you do and sends that information to someone else. The purpose of this type of malicious software is to invade your privacy. It is illegal and very dangerous to the end user. By sending sensitive information that can allow someone to steal your identity.


Finally, the most preposterous part of this is malware (malicious software). Any combination of adware, spyware, and viruses is malware. So technically the big umbrella is malware and all the other evil software falls under it. No one really meant to deceive you by telling you that what you had was a virus, even if it wasn’t. However, they did mislead you in to believing everything was a virus even when it was adware, just because it was easier to explain the problem that way.

Now here is the part that will really rattle cages. Malware is not always written, created, or derived from someone being malicious to someone else. This is going to get a lot of boos and jeers from my fellow antivirus writing “brothers”, but they sometimes write the viruses in order to bolster sales. Yes, I know, it sounds a bit conspiracy theory, but it is true! In fact most websites today are plagued by the buggers trying to get the better of you. I suggest you be very careful about the websites you visit and make sure they are reputable. I would highly suggest you download Avast! Antivirus. I have had great experience with the product and highly suggest it. Until next time.

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