CCTV At Work


CCTV At Work

Back in mid July we received a call from a client that we had recently installed a CCTV / Camera system in his office. He had been broken into and he was supposed to be on vacation.  Not a fun day for Ben Briggeman of Beck Service Center.  His alarm system had mysteriously set itself into a stay state leaving all the sensors in his office useless.  The perpetrator gained entry through a window in a back room and proceeded to attempt to break into the office.  We captured the entire event on video with our low end cameras.  I say low end, but even our low end is better than any analog unit you by from a box store.  We had installed a basic 3 Megapixel camera that, as you will see, gives a stunning image quality while recording the events of the more than 20 minutes of time spent trying to open one door.

This guy was a pro. He had been there before and knew what he was looking for in the office in order to achieve his personal gain. This video we hope will catch a thief and show the world the importance of a good image to give to police.  You can also see this on two local stations, WTHR and WRTV. and here at

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