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Camera Systems

Camera Systems

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Technological advancements have revolutionized how camera systems are set up for residential and commercial properties. CCTV security cameras are the latest and most effective modes of effective security systems. Over the last two decades, video security technology has rapidly improved. There are many different kinds of camera systems. Nonetheless, there are basic security features that you must look out for to make sure that your camera system if functional and effective in maintenance of your security.

Here are the basic features that security camera systems require for effective services. Whether you only need a small system for your home or a complex camera system to cover your commercial premises, these are the basic features you should consider:

Night Vision Monitoring

All CCTV security cameras should clearly capture details on video at night. Since many crimes occur at night, it is necessary to accurately identify criminals and their vehicles for successful recovery of stolen possession. Also, clear videos help the police with their investigations. There is a variety of methods that you can use to add night vision monitoring to your security system. The methods include installing IR cut filters, cameras with infrared LEDs, and software for true day/night.

During the day, the security cameras record in full color. During the night when the lighting level drops, the camera will switch to night vision automatically and will operate independently of ambient light. Therefore, your security camera system will effectively capture footage clearly even in total darkness.

Weatherproof Camera Housings

Advancement of CCTV security cameras technology has resulted in the internal components becoming sensitive to water, dirt, and temperature fluctuations. Using weatherproof camera housings protects the cameras from these factors thus enabling them to function optimally always. IPxx is the standard format for your camera’s weatherproof rating.
The first ‘x’ represents the protection levels against solid objects. 0 is no protection while 6 is complete protection against the solid objects. The second ‘x’ is for protection against moisture with 0 showing no protection while 8 representing complete submersion.

Motion Detection Recording

The continuous recording will max out your CCTV security cameras system’s hard drive. In turn, the amount of video you will have in your archive at one given time will be drastically reduced. Thus, switch the system’s recording setting from “continuous” to “motion activated” to maximize storage space. This setting enables your video to capture events as they happen instead of capturing n empty hallway. Since this setting can capture passing traffic and swaying trees, you can configure it to ignore the specific area of the camera’s field of view and also adjust the trigger’s sensitivity too.

H.264 Video Compression

H.264 makes smaller video files making their transmission speeds to increase your network. Nonetheless, this compression does not compromise on quality. H.264 is a contemporary and great video compression codec that significantly reduce demands on your recorder’s transmission bandwidth together with storage space. It is advisable to use a DVR / NVR with the H.264 codec, and motion activated recording for storage of many videos over a long time without replacing the hard drive.

Remote Access via Smartphones/Tablets

Technological advancements have resulted in the CCTV security cameras systems being integrated with the mobile devices. Thus, you security details are literally at your fingertips when you are on the move. Thus, in the case of any incident, you can promptly respond and avert theft cases.

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